Our Story

Sweet Yourself Vegan was founded in October 2019 whilst working at a trade show for our previous business. Co-founder Matt noticed that there was all kinds of vegan food available apart from sweets so came up with an idea to change that!

Who's behind Sweet Yourself Vegan?

Hey, I'm Tash and I'm the 2nd half of the SYV duo. Matt and I have been together for over 5 years (thank you Tinder) and have been in business together for over 3 of those years now. We've built 2 previous businesses before this one & we love it! We both love being business owners, it's just part of who we are and what we enjoy + being surrounded by sweets is a bonus.

Matt's more of the creative genius and typically comes up with the ideas and logistics, though I do have my moments - (we can't give him all the credit). I tend to deal more with the day to day aspects, like customer service, social media, finances, website etc. We both have our roles and what I enjoy, Matt doesn't and vice versa. It works and we're a great team! ❤️

Why did you start a vegan sweet company?

We saw a gap in the market and thought we'd be able to help fill it. As someone who can personally relate to picking through tiny ingredients lists at pick & mix stands and carefully seeking out what was vegan and what wasn't (most weren't). We both have a huge sweet tooth & choosing sweets of a weekend is one of our favourite past times so this part was not fun and I was always left feeling disheartened and frustrated 😒

Matt's an omni - *don't judge, I see you* - but having me as his partner in crime he's had his own journey and frustrations of checking through ingredients too. Throughout his journey, he's also realised that vegan food can taste just as good and he genuinely prefers sweets without gelatine now - win!

There's always been such a stigma around veganism in general and 'vegan food' - mention that and someone pulls a weird face as if to say, why are you eating that?! But we want to change that and have people enjoying vegan foods without actually being vegan, there really is no need for animals products to be in sweets, and the bigger the demand, the less animals companies will use so that's our mission!

Why did you choose to sell online?

Our business model was always meant to be based on attending trade shows & not be online based. We just loved the trade show vibe so much, we wanted nothing more than to pitch up a pick & mix stand and fill that gap in the vegan markets! 

Fast forward 5 months from when the idea blossomed, we were set to do our first trade show in London at The Vegan Life Live show. Sadly, 1 week before the event was due to start, it was inevitably cancelled because of Covid-19 - typical!

So we were in a position where we had a lot of stock & not a lot of space, plus all the time and energy we invested to getting everything ready over the winter. We had 2 choices, eat everything (I had a strong argument for this 🐷) or get a website and some images together and try and sell what we had online & hope we didn't make too much of a loss. At least if we made our money back, or shifted some of the stock, that would be better than nothing!

Obviously we chose the latter and got to work and a week later on Wednesday 18th March 2020, our website was launched and we made our very first sales from customers who were patiently waiting for our launch to order their lockdown sweets! 

And as the saying goes, the rest was history! 💚

Thank you for stopping by & taking the time to read this (about us pages aren't easy to write), if you like our story and what we're about, follow us on social @sweetyourselfvegan where you can get to know about us more 😊

Don't forget to Sweet Yourself!

Love Tash & Matt x