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Rainforest Friendly

We're all about making things fun & sustainable. So you can bet our products are palm oil-free and our packaging is recyclable. We believe in making a difference with every decision we make!

Vegan Friendly

Oh & not to brag but we also cater to vegetarians, halal eaters, and folks with allergies! We've got you covered, if you have a question, just let us know

Taste Bud Friendly

It's pretty amazing, but more than half of our customers choose our scrumptious goodies over those gelatine-based treats, even if they're not vegans.

Behind The Brand

That's us! Tash, Matt, Oliver & Peaches.

We launched Sweet Yourself in 2020 when we struggled to find sweets that were both delicious & free from animal products.

That's why we set out to create a brand that not only looks & tastes great, but also has ethical values that make us kinder to the planet.

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Need something sweet for your business?

Check out our awesome range of customisable goodies for all your corporate and staff gifting needs!

Whether it's for events or sprucing up your shop fronts, we've got you covered with our delicious plant-based and recyclable sweet options.

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